Firma PARDI sp. z o.o. consists of five fundamental elements that are present in every company’s operations: 

Process that works without problems thanks to experienced employees

    An analysis that helps us create high-quality alternative fuel

        Responses to the needs of the waste management market

            Deep improvement through innovative solutions

                Idea of improving the natural environment through waste management /span>


We are professionals who have extensive experience in the waste management industry – our main specialty is industrial waste management. Thanks to the experience gained over many years, we can perform tasks that are dedicated to us offering the highest quality level of services. We focus primarily on the production of alternative fuel, which arises as a result of processing industrial waste.

PARDI Sp. z o.o. has a production hall with an area of 1400m2. We use the best technological line on the market for the production of high-quality alternative fuel – the Lindner brand line, thanks to which we are one of the leading companies producing fuel from waste. The maximum processing capacity of the installation for the production of alternative fuel RDF is 64.00 Mg / day, i.e. 22 400.00 Mg / year.